What We Offer

PHONETICS: Phonetics is the study of sounds of language. Phonetics helps children to detect the differences in accents and identify the letters and sounds. Phonetics helps the children to get correct and good pronunciation. Mrs. Sudha Murthy M.A(Psy) D.S.E.(SLD),Special Education Consultant is training our kids in phonetics. “BECAUSE CHILDREN LEARN WITH THEIR BODIES AS WELL AS THEIR MINDS”

KINDER DANCE: Kinder dance is a US based company [Est. 1979]. Kinder dance programs blend a variety of physical skills with educational concepts. Children learn the basics of creative movement, ballet, tap, floor gymnastics, gross motor development and modern dance skills while learning colours, numbers, shapes, words, songs and age appropriate educational concepts. The blending of these disciplines ensures that each child has an optimal experience. This all round programs eliminates the need for a child to be enrolled in multiple activities for total mind/body development.

ONE OF THE MOST HIGHLY AWARDED E-LEARNING SOLUTION IN THE WORLD Letters form words; words form sentences; sentences form paragraphs and paragraphs form texts. Learning begins through interaction between the concrete and the abstract; and that is exactly what the E- blocks curriculum customized for. Our SKIS offer this revolutionary program which creates a unique learning experience that combines multi-media software and real objects. It is a dynamic learning system for children reaching aural, visual and kinesthetic learners. E-blocks received the prestigious best e-learning solutions of 2005 award from United Nations, the World Summit Award (WSA) in 2006. E-blocks received yet another distinction, the Bessie Award for early elementary EFL solutions.

The E-blocks program promotes and builds; Listening Speaking, Reading Writing(LSRW)|Phonetic awareness |Pre- primary skills |Listening and Comprehension| Communication skills| Creative writing and Speaking| Co-operative Learning | Confidence and creativity.

‘RAISE A READER’ Teaching your children to read is one of the most valuable tasks you will under-take as a parent. Helping them to develop a love for reading is a partnership that begins at home and continues at school. Research has shown that language is acquired most rapidly in the first five years of age. What better way to teach language than to read your children! SKIES engages with i-cue education solutions to help children develop a love for reading. The ‘Raise a Reader’ program specifically customized for SKIES will provide the children with excellent age appropriate high quality books all year round. Each child will receive a circulating book a week so that they develop a sustained and continuous reading habit.