College Features

Auditorium and Seminar Hall

The auditorium and Seminar Hall for activities such as seminars, guest lectures, cultural activities, department functions and other events. The Seminar Hall is equipped with latest public addressing with modern technology equipments such as LCD projectors, slide projectors and comfortable seats.                                                                                


Books Are The Best Friends, Now And Forever". The words of George Bernard Shaw true even in the age of Computers and Television. A good library can be likened to a treasure house that appeases the inquisitiveness of one and all caters to the varying tastes and stimulates and lures the children to books. Accordingly the institute has an excellent library, stocked with varied reference books from basics to advanced study which helps the students to enrich their knowledge. The library is constantly updated with the latest books of knowledge. The library subscribes to many Indian journals and has access to foreign journals in various fields. The institute's dedication to build up an excellent library distinguishes it from many other institutes Multimedia library is enriched with many number of educational CD-ROMs which can be viewed by over - head projector, arranged in the library.


Experienced lab coordinators and Lab Assistants will see that each and every student is involved in every experiment and a student should integrate his theoretical skills with the practical experience. Aptly labelled as "The Necessary Evil" the computers have made inroads, virtually into every field. It has an impact on every walk of life, like every good thing in life. Thus the institute's computer laboratory houses advanced computer systems with hi-end equipment under the guidance of expert lab faculty. Science in a literal sense means knowledge. 'Knowledge' based on observed facts and proven truths arranged in an orderly system imply Science. Top keep in step with this Sri Krishna Vision Academy has a well equipped science laboratory where students perform experiments and watch demonstration of experiments. Besides the apparatus & chemicals the science lab has-a human torso showing all organs, many charts on all subjects, many preserved specimens of plants and animals, microscopes, physical balance, gas burners, optic bench, barometer, voltmeter, ammeter, galvanometer etc. Students take keen interest in performing experiments, and making models.


The academy provides residential facilities for boys and girls separately. The hostel facilities have been made available for the students so that they can grow in an environment where they feel like being at home. Trained staff members, including a warden, along with a whole range of support staff, are entrusted with the well being of the students and to ensure that the needs of our pupils are fully met. Well maintained kitchen under the supervision of expert chefs provide hostellers healthy and hygienic food.